Diploma Prep/ABC


If you want to swim with your child in any public water facility in The Netherlands without the use of flotation devices then having an A-diploma is a must.

Diploma Prep Course: Swim4Survival is now offering the chance for 3 years old and older, to receive lessons to prepare them for the mandatory swim diploma. Children during this course will learn alongside their important survival swimming: freestyle, backstroke, elementary backstroke, and diving for rings. Especially children who have a fear of putting their face in the water will benefit from a course like this before starting for their A diploma. As a result of individual and consistent lessons they will gain confidence to overcome their fear through learning these skills. After finishing they can continue on to diploma swim lessons. Dates and Price

ABC diploma lessons: Vera Buskermolen, who has many years of experience, will be teaching diploma swimming (in English or Dutch) once your child has completed a survival course. Further requirements: Their swim-float-swim needs to be sharp, they need to have already started doing strokes with myself, and they need to be at least 3-1/2 years old. Every child learns at their own pace and this program is always focussed on that, so children will be assessed as an individual in determining when they may join. Lessons are hosted in the competition pool or therapy pool at Sportsplaza Mercator, in groups of 3 (or less, depends on you as the parent), lessons are twice a week, for around 6 months (around 50 lessons). After this period, we expect that your child will have their A diploma. However, each child as mentioned before, learns at their own pace and a diploma achieval is also dependent on the group size and consistency of lessons.